Solomon Bogala is a multi award winning actor who have made more than 67 movies. In this interview he opens up concerning the accident that almost cost him life.

It happened while he was working on the critically acclaimed show called Sew Lesew after spending more than 16 hours in makeup. Solomon also talks about his children and other values he holds dear.

Solomon Bogale was born in Addis Ababa, and raised in the same city. He was a first year mechanical engineering student when he left the university to join the entertainment industry. He had a big interest to be an actor when he was in high school and he became interested in acting. Because of the talent he has different produce of theaters, films; serial dramas make him the first choice for their work. He participated as main actor in 51 films, 16 stage theaters, 8 television serial dramas, and 7 radio dramas. He is one of the top paid actors earning more than 250,000 Birr for one movie.